Is the Cloud-Based Point of Sales System a Smart Choice for your Business?

Is the Cloud-Based Point of Sales System a Smart Choice for your Business?

Is the Cloud-Based Point of Sales System a Smart Choice for your Business?

When it comes to point of sales systems, the choices can easily become overwhelming. While the cash register used to be the go to system for any business owner, nowadays the choice falls between a cloud-based or non-cloud-based POS system and that can be a difficult decision indeed. Like most things, both types of systems have their own pros and cons, however in this article we will focus more on the cons of the cloud-based system and hopefully show you why we think these types of systems are the wrong choice.

The costs can add up really quickly

Something that really draws people to cloud-based POS systems is the fact that they offer a lot of benefits. And all of those benefits sound great, but they do cost money. Since these systems run on an “a la carte” style that lets you pick and choose what features you want and how much space you need, it can be really easy to miscalculate and get a lot more than you need, which will ultimately cost you a lot more than the up-front cost that seems low. This type of subscription, pick-and-choose, type of system can especially be risky for a new business owner.

You depend on a constant internet connection

The whole buzz about these systems is that they are connected to the cloud, but for that to be possible the point of sales system needs to be constantly connected to the internet because most of them only work either online or on mobile devices. You can always do what some people do and get a second internet connection in case the first one fails, but that does cost extra money and on top of all of the costs for the system itself, you probably won’t want the extra cost. So unless your business is settled somewhere where you have great connection at all times, this can also be a risk.

Security is at risk

Spending on cyber security is expected to pass the $60 billion mark in 2017 and there is a reason for that. Cyber-attacks are becoming a bigger risk every day and when your business is on a cloud, that definitely makes it a target for hackers. And while your business may not be directly at risk, the sole fact that you are a part of a cloud makes you a bigger and more valuable target whether you like it or not.

Yes, all of the benefits that you have heard about cloud-based point of sales systems sound amazing and like they will really help your business, and chances are they will, but before you settle for that type of system, we think it is really important for you to at least consider all of the cons as well. Hopefully, reading this article will not only help you make a decision, but also help you make an educated one.

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